HF Projects for Radio Amateurs
HF Projects offer quality designs and kits that the radio amateur can enjoy building and using. Get your signal up and out of the noise!
The miniHFPA is the currently available HF PackerAmp . View the Brochure: miniHFPABrochure    

Build to learn with a safety net from HF Projects. The construction documents along with HF Projects group support, personal email and phone support get you to the finish line with a project you can be proud to own and operate. View the Construction Manual:  miniHFPAConstructionManual .
This amp is an excellent companion to your transceiver such as the FT817, KX3 or others. The amp is a rugged enclosure at home in your backpack (6x6x2 inch) or on the picnic table. The amp is powered from your your portable 12V battery source. The design is voltage tolerant providing full output power all the way down to battery exhaustion.  Standby current is very low.  Operate 80M through 10M. Very quiet in receive mode because the amp is off . Triggers awake when RF or PTT sensed. . The max RF input for full output is your build option of  1W, 2.5W or 5W.
A Decade of Quality Home Construction HF Projects for the Radio Amateur
My Mission and Commitment to You
Quality components and a detailed construction manual that covers theory and operation. You  have the opportunity to learn by building a fun and useful project.  My pledge is a great safety net of service to you, my valued customer. 
HF PackerAmp miniHFPA Edition
100W Low Pass Filter
The LPF100-R3B is a  100W  Low Pass Filter Module for your next  HF RF project. The module is a small foot print (4.6 x 2.4 inch) low profile module.. Excellent performance with relay switching covering 6 bands from 160 - 10M. This filter can be integrated into your custom design. The dip silver mica capacitors and core inductors combined with multi-layer construction give this filter excellent performance. Check out my other Low Pass Filters below.
A SDR Amplifier  Construction Project to boost your 100mW SDR signal to 5W.  The design is a good balance between output power, physical size and battery power consumption. A completed amplifier will reward you, the builder, with a clean, more powerful output signal for a QRP rig when radio conditions become marginal. The assembled dimensions are approximately 3.7 x 2.4 x 1.4 inch. A compatible size low pass filter module is available to complete your stand-alone project. Add the Filter 11/12 Module listed below.
This project parts and your efforts will eventually provide you with a compact 1,2.5 or 5 watt input to 30-35 watt output linear amplifier for use with QRP SSB/CW transmitters on the amateur bands 80 through 10 meters and which can be frugally powered from a 12 volt battery. The design is a good balance between output power, physical size and battery power consumption. The completed amplifier will reward the builder with a clean, more powerful output signal for a QRP rig when radio conditions become marginal.
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I am here to provide responsive customer service. A large amount of my time is spent staging quality parts into organized bags for your project.
A deliverable item  typically have several modules. My sorting system is very accurate. In the event of a shortage, I react quikly to get that part in your hand.
I started in 2001 with the HF Packer-Amp and have  improved it greatly over the years. My business background is product development. I create all my  hardwareand software designs and package them with you in mind.   The manuals were written to convey to you step by step instruction along with the theory and operational information.
Virgil  K5OOR